Indoor Rock Climbing

The WhistlerCore indoor rock climbing gym in Whistler BCWall climbing is indoor rock climbing! Artificially constructed walls offer certain advantages that outdoors fall short in offering. The complement of fitness facilities on the spot, personalized support and the instant access to medical or keno are some of the advantages of practicing the fascinating art of rock climbing indoors. The most evident advantage on this side of the world is of course that you won’t have any cold weather inconveniences.

Indoor rock climbing’s popularity continues to increase and is being practiced by enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. This is no longer a sport for athletes but less experienced people also find, specially in the much safer indoor rock climbing, both physical and mental challenges. If you think traditional fitness centre workout is boring, you may find indoor rock climbing to be an excellent exercise alternative.

There are clear differences between indoor and outdoor climbing but in essence both offer the physical and mental exercise that can complement each other.  Take advantage of developing your climbing skills in a safe environment under professional supervision while you strengthen or recover from specific physical conditions. Gain the strength, endurance, power and flexibility, that will help you become the outdoor climber you dream of becoming.

Indoor climbing is possible when the weather makes outdoor climbing  inaccessible during the winter months and indoor tracks can be set up to match the variety in length and difficulty experienced in outdoors. The multi-dimensional benefits are the same from a fitness perspective. This activity requires strength and flexibility as well as a high degree of endurance and skill. It also offers a powerful meditative tool because of the balance of mental discipline and physical exercise. Gaining new skills and completing challenging climbs can boost your sense of independence and self confidence.

Whistler offers one premier fitness facility: The Whistler Core Fitness and Climbing Centre.