Whistler Offers Worldclass Flyfishing

Imagine flicking your reel toward a glacially fed stream teeming with salmon or dropping your line into a pristine lake in your quest to catch a glistening trout. Few places match fishing opportunities of Whistler, British Columbia. No matter what season you choose, fishing adventures abound in this number one rated fishing paradise.

A picture of a man flyfishingThe possibilities are practically endless. First, consider the varieties of fish. Rainbow, Cutthroat, Steelhead, and Dolly Varden trout fill the lakes and rivers. Of course, salmon and Char (a species of fish related to both salmon and trout, for all you non-fishermen) present different challenges.

Next, take your choice of locales. Several lakes surround Whistler, all presenting great trout fishing. Two of the most popular sites are Alta Lake and Green Lake, just minutes from Whistler Village, where you can either fish from the shoreline or from a boat. Both are designated as catch-and-release lakes, with Alta featuring rainbow and cutthroat and Green populated by rainbow and Dolly Varden.

More distant from Whistler Village and, therefore, taking you into stunning alpine regions and old-growth forests, are Cheakamus Lake and Callaghan Lake. Both lakes support rainbow and Dolly Varden trout. Tranquil and isolated, you will marvel at the beauty of the surrounding glaciers, snow-capped peaks, meadows, towering trees, and beautiful vegetation as you leave all traces of civilization behind.

Besides the variety of fish and incomparable locations, Whistler offers something more–a great variety of fishing adventures. You may be satisfied to lie back on the shore and cast your line or to row to the middle of a lake and gaze at the beauty surrounding you while you anticipate the fish snapping at your bait. However, adventurous anglers wanting something unique can travel deep into the back country via helicopter or float plane. These will transport you to remote lakes and rivers–just you and Nature. These isolated regions offer outstanding trout fishing, as well as salmon runs. [Note that salmon fishing is limited to Summer (in odd years only) and Fall. You may, however, fish for trout all year.] Many anglers get the most excitement from fly fishing for Steelhead in the Squamish River system. At its best in the wintertime, one excellent getaway is to combine a Whistler skiing and fishing vacation.

Whistler, BC, is a fishing paradise. You can easily plan your getaway alone or have the experts book arrangements. Three great resources for either exploration or booking are the Whistler Outdoor Experience Company (an excellent source of information or for booking recreational activities throughout the year), Cougar Mountain Adventures (specializing in Summer or Winter fishing adventures–either fly-in trips via helicopter or float plane–or guided tours), and Trout Country Fishing Guides (featuring a wide variety of economical fishing adventures with all equipment included). Of course, don’t forget the official British Columbia Tourism site.

Planning your fishing getaway in Whistler is easy. Pick your time of year, make your reservations, get your license, and go. A fisherman’s paradise is waiting for you.