Capture the Thrills of Whistler on a Snowmobile

Snowmobiling in Whistler BC CanadaFire up the engine.  Twist the throttle.  Snowmobiling at its best abounds in Whistler, British Columbia.  There are so many tours available, there is something for everyone: single riders or families, first-timers or experienced riders.

The most popular venues are the adrenaline thumping Blackcomb Mountains, cruises along Fitzsimmons Creek, and safaris through the remote backcountry of Callaghan Valley.  Start in the morning to trace animal tracks through the freshly-fallen snow.  A day ride, complete with lunch in a private yurt is a great family adventure.  Capture a sense of the magic and wonder of the Canadian wilderness on an evening tour under the sparkling arctic stars.  Look at just a few of the countless snowmobile adventures; then, find your own.

For first-timers or families looking for an “easy” ride, “cruise” through the wide mountain trails along Fitzsimmons Creek.  You’ll find spectacular scenery as you traverse the valley between Whistler and the Blackcomb Mountains.  Imagine the thrill for children (ages three – five) when they climb into a kiddie sleigh and “lead” the tour while they are safely pulled behind the guide’s snowmobile.  Another fun first-timers’ tour is the Fresh Tracks Cruiser Tour.  Your day starts with professional snowmobile training; then, you travel through breathtaking scenery to journey’s end and a fresh cinnamon bun with tea or coffee.

The snowmobiling safari up Blackcomb Mountain to its 6000-foot summit is a “must do.”  Departing at 4:30, you meander through old-growth forests, slipping in and out of the shadows, to the delightful Crystal Hut.  A camera is essential, because you will be left in awe as the sun slips behind the rosy, snow-capped peaks of the Coast Mountain Range, imparting a magical glow to the world as it disappears into the darkness of nighttime.

For intermediate riders, the Wilderness Adventure is a great escape.  You may opt for either a two- or a three-hour tour through the backcountry surrounding Whistler.  The trails will  delight you as you pass along frozen lakes and high alpine bowls, civilization just a memory as you enjoy a snack or luncheon at a charming chalet.

The possibilities are endless.  Set a romantic mood on the Stargazer’s Tour.  The world changes as nighttime falls.  Book a private tour to explore the wilderness at your own pace.  For maximum riding that tests your skills, team up with other riders on “extreme” tours.  Give the young ones the thrill of driving a Mini-Z snowmobile on a supervised flat track.  Whatever you want, it’s here.  And when the day is over, if you have not already taken advantage of a dinner tour (such as the fondue tour), relive the day’s experiences at one of Whistler’s excellent restaurants or discover the shopping opportunities at its many stores.

In Whistler, any time of day is a great time to straddle the saddle and go.  The guides are professional and friendly, and the snow is always excellent.  Pick the adventure that best suits you, and remember:  you can always come back next year for more.