Whistler BC – A Snowshoeing Paradise

Many people think the ultimate personal test is strapping on a pair of snowshoes and experiencing Nature at its most basic level.  In Whistler, British Columbia, snowshoeing adventures of every skill level abound.  Do you just want a couple hours of sightseeing, or do you need to test your mettle?  How about a romantic interlude with dinner included?  It’s all here.

Eleven tours are available, all priced in Canadian dollars.  The best way to start your planning is to separate the snowshoeing tours into three categories: sightseeing, snowshoeing, and sightseeing/dinner.

Sightseeing tours are a great way to explore the area surrounding Whistler.  For prices ranging from $79.00 – $495.00 per person (equipment included), there is something for everyone.  Some also offer discounts for children.

  • A great first-timer’s introduction to snowshoeing is the economical Discovery Tour – The Lost Trail through old growth red cedar forests and hidden glacial creeks.
  • Another first-timers’ adventure is the Natural Mystic tour.  You travel via gondola up Whistler Mountain, strap on your shoes, then head up the Olympic chair lift for a trip through magnificent primeval forests.  Along the way, you can hand feed birds and enjoy the snow slides.
  • Three tours geared toward participants with moderate skills and better physical conditioning are the Winter Wonderland, The Pioneers–A Way of Life, and Tour du JourWinter Wonderland lets you experience animals and birds up close and survey the world around you as you enjoy snacks and beverages along the way.  The Pioneers takes you along streams and lakes in search of wildlife as it introduces you to the life of the pioneers.  Tour du Jour is customized to the skill and fitness level of the participants; therefore, each day is different.  It is 3.5 hours of woodland trails, glacial lakes, and unexpected discoveries–with a deli-style lunch included.
  • If you want to devote a full day to snowshoe sightseeing, Heli Snowshoeing and Snowshoe Safari are “must-do” excursions with everything included (guide, snowshoes, daypack, binoculars, ground transportation, and lunch).  Snowshoe Safari takes you through Joffre Lakes Provincial Park to the incomparable Matier Glacier in a unique opportunity to study different aspects of winter ecology.  Heli Snowshoeing is the ultimate experience:  two helicopter flights into beautiful, untouched locations for magnificent views of Whistler’s glaciers and mountains. Unbelievable!

Next, there are great snowshoeing opportunities combined with full immersion into the history and culture of Whistler.  Priced from $79.00 – $119.00, these tours last from three to five hours.

  • Eagle Ridge takes you from the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center through the backcountry with a guide to teach you the significance of the “Wild Spirit” lands.
  • The Medicine Trail takes you into the primeval forest in Callaghan Valley.  You will learn the philosophies of tree medicine and even get to enjoy tea made from natural elements.  At journey’s end, what could be better than warming yourself by the fire with a light snack?
  • For advanced snowshoers, there is Eagle Summit.  Starting at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center, you travel deep into Callaghan Valley where you can see eagles in their natural habitat.  Then, traverse the “Wild Spirit” lands up to the Olympic Nordic venue.  This experience is unforgettable.

Finally, combine snowshoeing with an excellent meal on the Evening Fondue Tour.  This reasonably priced excursion is snowshoeing at its best–following trails under starlit skies to one of Whistler’s best restaurants for a three-course gourmet Canadian dinner.  There are entrees for every palate, and the dessert will leave you with a special, warm glow.

Whistler BC is a winter paradise, and snowshoeing is one of the best ways to experience it.