Experience Whistler BC by Dog Sled!

Picture yourself nestled under warm covers as you skim over freshly snow-covered trails.  The only sounds you hear are the primeval wilderness, the panting and barking of sled dogs, and the swoosh of runners over freshly fallen snow.  Around you tower the majestic forests; in the distance your eyes absorb amazing vistas: Whistler Valley, various 2010 Olympics sites, Black Tusk Trail, and dazzling, white mountain peaks.  This is you on a dog sledding adventure in Whistler, British Columbia.

Whistler is a dream come true any time of year, but it really comes into its own in Winter.  Dog sledding adventures are ideal romantic getaways, but they also provide families with exciting memories.  Born in the Canadian wilderness, nothing compares to the thrill of gliding along in a sled powered by Alaskan Huskies.

“Mountain Mushing” is a great introduction to dog sledding.  Starting in beautiful Callaghan Valley, this adventure begins when you meet the musher–your guide–and your dog team.  You get an introduction to dog sledding and then have the choice to either relax in the sled or stand on the runners and mush your own team.  You can also visit the “Puppy Pen” and play with future sled dogs.  Tours run from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, and prices range from $290.00 to $362.50.

Nighttime comes early in the Canadian latitudes, but with it comes an exhilarating sense of peace as the vastness of the mountains blends with the infinity of the skies.  The “Champagne & Moondogs” tour (during peak season and on select dates) shares the thrill of the ride with the magic of a winter’s night.  This intimate interlude with nature includes cider, treats, and stories from your guide with pricing from $318.00 to $397.50.

Are you a little bit of a renegade?  The “Bonnie & Clyde’s Getaway” is a spectacular tour through old-growth forests with ancient giant cedars.  After speeding past white-capped rivers, you can strap on snowshoes and work your way to the Alexander Falls (one of British Columbia’s top ten, featuring a 104-foot cascade).  As this tour is designed for the adventurous, the sled dogs run these trails.  It’s three hours of excitement with prices from $350 to $500.

For the ultimate adventure, mush your own dog team through the Soo Valley.  A professional musher teaches the basics of sled driving.  It’s not as difficult as you might think, and the matchless thrill of handling your own team as they race through the pristine Soo Valley will last forever. [Note: Your guide stays close at all times, or you can elect to ride with the guide.] This popular tour lasts three hours and runs from $338 to $507.

All dog sled tours are suitable for adults alone or adults with children.  Pricing is in Canadian dollars, and the sleds have enforced weight limits.  Many include gourmet dinners at the Callahan Lodge.  Keep your eyes open for last-minute and package deals.  You could apply your savings to many other diversions, such as Whistler’s excellent restaurants, winter (or summer) activities, and 200+ shops.

Whistler BC provides outstanding value and unmatchable vacation packages and activities.  The “locals” are friendly and knowledgeable, guaranteeing that your stay will exceed your expectations.