Launch Yourself Into an Aerial Adventure in Whistler BC

Does a daredevil lurk inside of you?  How would you react to jumping off a cliff toward a torrential river below, only to be brought up short just before hitting the water?  Would you like to soar birdlike over primeval forests and snow-covered valleys?  Particularly in the winter time, bungee jumping, ziplining, and zip treks present the world in unparalleled fashion.  And Whistler, British Columbia, offers these activities year around.

A happy woman bungee jumpingThe Whistler Bungee staff has more than twenty years of experience and an unblemished safety record.  Therefore, you can take that 160-foot drop (the highest bungee jumping venue I British Columbia) knowing every effort has been made to insure your safety.  Imagine the rush as you plummet toward the Cheakamus River, old-growth forests to one side and jagged cliffs to the other.

If vertical drops are not your idea of fun, then ziplining or zip trekking will certainly appeal to you.  Offering the thrill of mid-air suspension and promising hair-raising speeds, these tours take a gliding path across the land below.  Both activities employ a zipline–essentially a harness suspended from a supporting cable–that carries you from start to finish.  The difference is that zip trekking also requires some hiking along the way.

A man ziplining / zip trekkingThe Zoom tour whisks you over Cougar Mountain and Whistler Valley at heights up to 400 feet.  A special feature is that two guests can ride side-by-side.  The most thrilling moment happens when you drop 200 feet at speeds up to 60 mph–all while taking in the beauty of the landscape below.

For an added bonus, try the Zip ’n’ Chili tour.  Available Wednesdays and Fridays during the winter season, this twilight tour glides through Whistler’s Old Growth Rainforest.  Enhancing the experience, thousands of twinkling LEDs impart a magical glow to the land below.  At journey’s end, enjoy a nice, warming treat: dinner featuring hot chili and beverages next to a warm fire as the Fitzsimmons Creek babbles along outside

If you want to enhance the thrill, graduate to a Zip Trek.  The Bear Tour (offering senior and child discounts) is perfect for beginners, families, and groups.  Five zip lines linked by suspension bridges, boardwalks, and trails send you soaring over Fitzsimmons Creek and stunning panoramas.  Finally, there is the ultimate adrenaline rush, the Eagle Tour.  An incredible three-hour tour, the longest of the Eagle’s five ziplines is 2200 feet and drops an amazing 20 stories!  This is not for the faint of heart, but it is well worth the price.  You will not tire of reliving the event as you wend you way back to Whistler Village.

Note: Due to the extreme nature of these tours, they enforce minimum weight and/or age requirements (generally, no one under six years old or less than 60 lbs.).

Imagine the looks on your friends’ faces when you return home with stories and photographs of yourself flying over the countryside or diving down the side of a cliff toward the icy water below.  It’s heart-pumping excitement at its best.