Heli Skiing / Heli Snowboarding in Whistler BC

Heli skiing or heli snowboarding in Whistler, BC, Canada, is an unforgettable experience. Just…


… being the first to glide down fresh, untouched powder. The pure, icy flakes of sugar-like snow, blowing around your body as your carve your way down the picturesque mountain side. Your instructor, your friends, perhaps even your family are close by, encapsulated in their own rapture as they seemingly float down the slope. You are focused on the untouched terrain ahead, the adrenaline rushing through your body, your breath steaming past your cheeks… all the while your minds eye takes all of this in with rapturous disbelief. You think; is there anything better than this?

Soon it comes to an end… you have made it to the valley below and you await your companions. Your face is on fire with exertion and the sweet tingling of wind burn. Soon everyone has arrived, unstrapped their skis and snowboards and barely a voice is silent; the group is overwhelmed with happiness and everyone has a story worth sharing.

After a few minutes, you board your waiting helicopter and gently lift into the clear blue skies. No more than a minute later everyone sighs in wonder at the view as they see the group’s snow lines in the otherwise untouched powder. A comfortable, satisfied silence is felt amidst the whirl of the helicopter… perfection is the only word for it.

Sensing this familiar, satisfying moment, your guide waits a minute and then stirs you and the rest of the group into another round of expectation with his infectious grin… “wasn’t that amazing? Well, there is more to come! MUCH more! We have a whole day of this ahead!!”

Ahh… you sigh happily. Perfection indeed!

If you are looking to take such a unique trip, there are several reputable tour operators in Whistler to consider.

Happy heli-skiing!

Official Whistler Blackcomb Heli Skiing / Heli Snowboarding Tours

Whistler Heli-Skiing

Coast Range Heliskiing

Stellar Heliskiing

Day trips are often available and rates may change depending on when you book. Most tours include a lunch,  avalanche safety equipment and experienced guides who will be there ensure your safety.

Note: Anyone wishing to heli-ski or heli-snowboard must be  at the intermediate ability level – at least – to be able to ski blue runs.