Whistler BC – A Snowshoeing Paradise

Nothing compares to strapping on a pair of snowshoes and trekking through the wilderness. And no place offers so many opportunities to revel in the beauties of Nature as Whistler BC. With tours for every skill level and prices for every pocketbook, you are sure to find an adventure to match your desires.

Take a Snowcat to Dinner – Getting There is Half the Fun!

Have you ever taken a Snowcat to the top of the world? That is the experience awaiting you in Whistler BC, and the reward is a special fondue dinner at the end of the trail. Running from mid-December through mid-April, it is the perfect romantic getaway.

Experience Whistler BC by Dog Sled!

Picture yourself nestled under warm covers as you skim over freshly snow-covered trails.  The only sounds you hear are the primeval wilderness, the panting and barking of sled dogs, and the swoosh of runners over freshly fallen snow.  Around you tower the majestic forests; in the distance your eyes absorb amazing vistas: Whistler Valley, various […]